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Tritech Computer Solutions is a computer service company in central North Carolina, located in Orange and Chatham Counties.  This blog is written by Tritech’s owner, and is intended to provide insight and amusement, as well as a peek into the daily life of the head honcho at a successful local computer business.



  1. Hi, I’ve read your blog and am very impressed by your extensive knowledge of basicly everything lol. I’m 25 years old and been messing with computers since i was 7 or so. I love working with computers, I had a shop when I was 17 but I couldn’t stay open due to me having no capital. I was interested in doing the contract work your company posted on craigslist but I don’t think I have enough training yet. I took the a+ prep courses in high school but I went into the golf cart business a few years later with my brother. The economy has hit us hard in harnett county. I was wondering how much experience would be required to work for you or if you could suggust training for me? Basicly most of the training I’ve had was self taught

    Thanks Kevin

  2. Thanks for the posting on the HHO scams. I too have been following this stuff for some time. The tactics that they are using are really disgusting and I can’t believe that they are staying out of jail. About 2 years ago I wrote to one of the companies, suggesting that all the hype could easily be prevented by creating a simple model of the process that would easily prove or disprove the legitimacy. A small .. say 3 1/2 HP horizontal-shaft gas engine could be anchored to a table top and v-belted to an alternator. An alternator load of maybe 10 headlights could be wired in parallel to simulate and verify the loaded engine. A small vertical clear fuel tube could be tapped into the side of the small fuel tank, and then elbowed straight up ( this will provide a sight-glass to indicate fuel level in the tank). Then steel ball bearings.. about 3/4″ diameter would be dropped into the fuel tank to displace volume of fuel and still allow proper function of carb..This will allow much quicker testing of device and allow the video to be easily viewed by others. HHO device would be piped in per claimed procedure and car. adjusted per claims. Engine started, headlight load switched on.. HHO device turned on.. Measure and mark draw down rate on the fuel – site glass. Run for a few minutes and record.. shut off engine and device.. Top off the fuel to the same level, and repeat steps with no HHO. Without complicated calculations, the video would clearly show the percentage difference by the differences in the draw-down rate of the fuel, for the same timed interval.

    This test could easily and cheaply have been done, but it was not. The web-site still shows ridiculous claims and suggests that those whom disagree are with the oil-companies.

    I am not. I actually have had a career for over 20 years in green-energy conservation, and have worked with solar-heating, wind energy, and now solar photovoltaic. We are held legally and morally accountable for the claims that we make. I actually would prefer that these HHO things did work.. Thanks, Bob

  3. Thanks for your insights, I am one of those guys who should have read your information first and taken no action later. I responded to the web site, “Copyright Enforcement Group” informing them that I had an open network at our restaurant and that I had no idea that someone had downloaded copyrighted material. [ What I wrote: (“We operate a restaurant and have had open WI-FI for our guests. Apparently this is not a good idea. I have suspended the open network until we can get some type of control (perhaps a password system for guests, Thanks for bringing this to out attention we do not condone this abuse of our open network)].

    I feel real silly that I am always telling my employees to not react, but to respond to situations. I think the idea that I am personally innocent of this copyright infringement allegation (and if I was guilty I would pay) really bothered me and the fear really began to motivate me to seek some solution (reacting).

    Probably I will be ignoring this unless something else develops.

  4. Thank you! ^.^ you would not believe how long I spent trying to learn disk part after I went and screwed up my hard drive til the point I had to wipe it. The only bootable disk I had was Vista, and I got all sorts of nasty messages while pounding my brain on my desk reading Microsoft support. It’s funny, because I saw this nowhere in my research. They only seem to cover OS based issues, and make no mention of bios and that you must reset it after properly configuring it to the proper boot sequence. You’re a life saver!

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