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  1. > such deceptive pricing; yes, you weasely marketer
    > assholes, $9.99 actually IS $10 in our minds, but
    > thanks for insulting our intelligence right out of the gate!

    I know what you are saying, but actually in our (humans, not weasels) minds 9.99 is 9 units, not ten. They do it because of human foibles. You and I do notice it too, but no doubt we will have been tricked too: glanced at a price and really the first digit stuck.

    They are vile scum who take the teachings of psychology and use it to convince us to do deals we otherwise would not go into. And to pursue the falsehoods they push people get into debt, we consume ludicriously….. Bill Hicks got it right with the bit about advertisers doing us a favour and killing themselves.

    The perfect advert is one where you do not know you have been influenced. Advertisers are fucking morons and so cannot hit that goal often, but it’s like the infinite monkey thing. Sooner or later the advertising industry will turn out the whole works of Shakespeare (but sexualise it, ’cause that sells).

    I found this blog article because this company spammed me too. They got a unique email address off the internet (used in one place). So not only are they expensive (but all these shitty services are compared to using technology as it really is capable), and use gross marketing techniques.

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