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  1. So today I got an interesting link through social media, I wanted to check it out and went to the web site. And there I got the pop-up. I was always mildly annoyed by these things but this time I couldn’t take it any more, I reached a limit. Now I googled this issue, read some bias-fortifying articles like the one here (it’s a good read), scrolled through the relevant tc;dr blog, got to know the basic terms and even wrote this comment.

    I still haven’t read the original content that I got the link for. I will most likely read it, but since my time is running out, I won’t click around their site to see what other interesting stuff they might have.

    There you have it, a concrete loss for the company, all because of the lightbox.

    I also noticed that now that I know more about the issue, I am more pissed off when the pop-up occurs. We need to educate people about this, so that they would be annoyed too, instead of quietly tolerating the marketing department’s bulls***!

  2. +1000
    I’m with you. Why people put up with this shit is beyond me. I’d like to know who coined the name “light box” for it, as if trying to rebrand the single most annoying ui element ever would make anyone actually like being rudely interrupted. “Hey, we know you came here for the content, but look! We’ve cut you off from that until you deal with this shitty little box! But you’ll be ok with that bcz now we’re going to call doing this ‘unicorn kisses’, ok? “

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