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  1. +1

  2. amen brother. preach it.

  3. I found it very irritating, but having read your post, I now understand what it is for and how to interpret it. I think I will find the new category very useful, actually, particularly since I discovered how to apply my column choices to whole folders and sets of folders and subfolders using the “Set columns to display” button & it’s options.

    • As mentioned in the article, in certain contexts it is a useful column, particularly where messages you send and messages you receive end up in the same view. However, I use Mozilla Thunderbird as a classic email application with distinctly separate accounts/folders and as an RSS reader. For people like myself and anyone who uses it as a typical email application, the new Correspondents column does nothing of value; it simply adds arrows to everything and forces us to make that column a little wider to fit everything correctly. If I was an active user of a mailing list or I had search folders that searched in both Inbox and Sent or I used a “threaded” view of my “conversations” it would be useful. I do none of these things, so forcing it upon me is completely useless while being both annoying and detracting from the usability and cleanness of the interface.

  4. Annoying… but once I realized it was just another column I right-clicked and turned “Correspondent” off and turned “From” back on. Fortunately I rarely ever look in a folder other than “Inbox” so not a huge deal for me.

  5. Separate folders for inbox, sent, spam and trash. That’s all an e-mail program needs. Google came up with “conversation” view and foisted it onto all Gmail users by default.

    What’s massively wrong with “conversation” view is that it groups incoming messages from the same address even when they are NOT part of the same “conversation”. Even worse is you cannot delete *some* e-mails in a “conversation”, only the whole group can be deleted. But wait, there’s worse! On the Gmail mobile app there is no way at all to disable the horribly useless “feature”.

    Thus when using my phone to check my Gmail, there are lumps of messages from mailing lists and reply alerts from forums. I was doing mPoints to get gift cards and “conversation” view would lump together various different contest entry notices with the e-mails with the links to redeem the gift cards – simply because they dropped into the inbox at close to the same time.

    Exterminating conversation view on Gmail’s mobile app has its own Facebook group. Chances are the “We know best” people at Google have seen it and are ignoring it – despite their utterly failed implementation of the “feature” proving they don’t know best.

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