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  1. Outstanding! thank you; Hope to see this in repo’s one day. (Debian user)

    • I did this for my own purposes and I shared it with the world in case someone else could find it useful. If you (or anyone else) have found it to be a helpful program, I’m happy and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the support! 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing this added to your distribution of choice, feel free to contact them and let them know.

  2. This is belated, but you wrote (above,) “In half a year of casual spare-time coding, I had made fdupes 32 times faster.” Don’t you mean “…I had made jdupes 32 times faster”? (I am using jdupes, btw, and give it 5*.)

    • You would think so, but it is actually correct in the context used. jdupes is a fork of fdupes which means I took the fdupes code base, bolted on my own personal changes, and redistributed those changes with new names. So, I had in fact taken fdupes and made it 32 times faster; the original comparison shown on the page is comparing the fdupes-1.51 binary against whatever the jdupes binary was at that time. Thank you for the positive feedback on my work! I greatly appreciate knowing that I have been able to help someone else by sharing my code and my efforts. 🙂

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