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  1. WRONG! FX-9590 can’t beat 5960X, Microcenter has it for $899, that’s the FX 9590’s launch price.

    • Let me know when it’s down to $219 which is the current price for an FX-9590 from the same vendor. For the high cost of one 5960X processor a person can get an entire fully loaded FX-9590 computer system. I’m not going to stop you from wasting your money, so buy the 5960X if that’s what you really want.

    • There is an extensive review that compares both of the processors and the FX keeps pace with the 5960X. Paying $500+ for a 5% performance boost is plain dumb.

  2. I have a FX 9590 and I don’t regret it one bit. It is an excellent processor and I run my air cooled. People lose their minds when they hear that. It’s like I told them Santa doesn’t exist.

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