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  1. “The tech community is full of people who don’t like walking on eggshells just because someone is overly sensitive and gets offended at the drop of a hat.”

    What you mean is, it’s full of autistics who have no ability to tell when certain forms of speech and behaviour are likely to offend other people, and throw tantrums when confronted by this problem.

    • The difference between tech people and the perpetually offended is that tech people wouldn’t pitch a childish tantrum over your insensitive use of the term “autistics” as a derogatory descriptor and would recognize your coarse, hyperbolic retort as a conversational mechanism to get your point across instead of you being a privileged misogynistic hateful insensitive uneducated oppressive asshole.

      In an ironic twist, your comment is presented in the way a Slashdot reader would argue rather than a feminist, and yet you are calling yourself an incapable tantrum throwing autistic. I am greatly amused.

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