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  1. Good guide — thanks!

  2. solid guide

  3. Dayum, but you’re a great teacher. I have been on fifty freakin’ pages trying to do this – and all except yours were garbled crap assuming the reader was an IT genius or something. It would be a great world if more were like you in explaining otherwise mystical crap. Kudos. I needed this done because I never use IE anymore owing to Windows 7 not allowing the home edition user access to group policy. I know why they do this, and it’s precisely what you mentioned – to keep that thumbnail file intact for forensic audits and hanging people who have never even been to a soft porn site.
    What I did with the thumbnail cache on IE was to use Recuva and delete every single “deleteable file. I hope that’s enough. Wish I could blast that one, too.
    Thanks ever so much for your help

    • Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad to have been helpful. If you use Windows, you may want to consider turning on the option in the registry that wipes the paging file data on shutdown. It is accessible in Group Policy but the registry option can be easily found and changed too. I believe it’s under HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager. Possibly under a key called Memory Management. I haven’t looked in some time but it’s somewhere in that area.

  4. NCT there’s a You tube thingee which deals with disabling the Wintows thumbnails folder in the Windows 7 home edition through the registry editor. It’s: .

    Looks like it’s easy to follow if you’re careful and attentive, and I will disable that as well. Windows has absolutely no right to do this without making it perfectly clear to the buyer what they are doing with their private photos and videos – especially without making it easy to disable by your normal user. Gawd these people piss me off. The vast majority of normal home computer users using an IE browser haven’t a clue what’s being done with THEIR private information. It’s the very same thing as if, before computers, the Post Office was keeping copies of all your personal letters and photos without telling you, or allowing you to opt out. I should make it clear that I have absolutely nothing to hide, but that fact alone does not mean didley squat in the world we now live in. Google, Microsoft – they’re all in bed with Uncle Sam and know where their bread is buttered.

    • I run Linux on nearly everything I own now, with full disk encryption for home folders, external hard drives, and I even wrote a shell script that sets up user-specified folders and files such as Firefox caches or Flash cookies in a RAM disk of sorts (tmpfs) that is lost at power off and rebuilt empty at each boot. The only place I still need Windows is my big media processing hardware for running Adobe CS6 software. If you are interested, I’ve installed Linux Mint on a few machines for other people and found it to be both stable and usable. The only disadvantage is it’s based on Ubuntu (which I do not like at all.)

        • Anonymous
        • Posted May 18, 2015 at 9:05 am
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        Just to clarify, you have it the wrong way round, ubuntu is based on Linux, well, Debian to be more precise, which is based on Linux.

        • nctritech
        • Posted May 18, 2015 at 9:08 am
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        Re-read what you have replied to. “Linux Mint” is based on Ubuntu.

  5. Wow, just what I was looking for, thanks so much. However, the CCleaner wouldn’t wipe the drive’s Free Space by either method, just keeps going and going and going. Seems like Windows 8.1 is a tough cookie to crack. Any suggestions?

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