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  1. Good luck with your software. I too would like to see these copyright infringement lawsuits go away, either through new technology (e.g., your idea turning into usable software), or by convincing copyright trolls that it is cheaper for them to police their own copyrights (via DMCA takedown notices) rather than suing individuals. Please let me know when you get anywhere. I’d be happy to publicize your work, and I have connections with many in the bittorrent world who would also be happy to spread the word.

    • Thanks for the support! It’s proving to be significantly more difficult than I ever expected to engineer this stuff, because the number of possible attack vectors are staggering. When I’ve got something to show for all my efforts, I’ll definitely be broadcasting it to the world!

      • Remember, you do not need to solve ALL the world’s problems with your software — as long as you address some key issues as you discuss in your article, it is worth it to create an executable version and publish the software (e.g., call it a Beta or Alpha version if you must). Then, as you tackle more problems, release updates.

        Sorry if this is obvious to you — you are certainly light years beyond me as far as programming and technology go. I just know many programmers to be perfectionists, and as a result, they never release their great idea [which ends up going to the grave with them], and I hate to see a good idea buried.

        Good luck to you, and kick butt!


        • nctritech
        • Posted December 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm
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        Unfortunately, part of the problem is that I’m primarily skilled in things like shell scripting, and not so much in C/C++ coding. I don’t intend to solve 100% of the problems (that can be part of the software evolution) but there are a lot of parameters involved that have to be considered throughout the entire design to keep it mostly functional while preserving anonymity AND the integrity and functionality of the network at large.

        For example, one of the fundamental problems with “flood searches” is that there must be a TTL on each search request or it’ll cause self-reinforcing infinite loops throughout the peer swarm; however, any time-to-live number could theoretically make it possible to decipher the node distance to the originator of an upload or download, potentially destroying the plausible deniability and anonymity of the system…and that’s just one aspect of the functionality as a whole.

        To be honest, if my programming skills don’t seem up to par, I’ll write up a specification for the protocol and operation of a node program, and let someone better at coding than myself take on the task. I’m currently working on the details of that anyway, so it can’t possibly hurt to formalize it all.

      • Let me know if I can be of assistance. Many of my readers are the techy type, and I have come across many programmers over the past 2+ years of doing these kinds of lawsuits. Obviously no promises as far as results go, but I would be happy to Tweet or blog out what you have (or get you in touch with the people where you can write yourself), and then someone can pick up where you have left off. You can contact me offline when you’re ready to do this.

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