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  1. thxs for the info. in my situation i just disable the touchpad from the bios and plug a usb mouse and keyboard works fine now

  2. This seems to be my problem too. Thanks. Will order a new touchpad now.

  3. I have trawled the net looking for a logical answer to my problem and this is the first website I found that actually solves the issue and provides a good explanation. THANK YOU!!!

  4. my touchpad stopped working after the bios update – well done toshiba.

  5. Or… sometimes it IS the Windows Updates : ELAN just released a new driver that went through MS driver qualification, and after getting the automatic upgrade, the Touchpad AND keyboard no longer work.

    Doing a rollback to the 2nd to most recent Windows restore point worked (And a note : Windows failed to rollback the actual ELAN driver update that caused the problem, so I went back to the one before…)

    • Touchpad drivers often install class filter drivers for all PS/2 devices. If anything goes wrong with the filter drivers (including the drivers not copying or being otherwise missing) then all PS/2 devices will not work.

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