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The bottom line is that you really need to check out this article by Violet Blue. Once you know where the information being posted about you is coming from, you can stop new information from getting out there, and many of these sites allow you to opt out of them.

We need stronger privacy laws that make public records access via the Internet an opt-in thing, rather than opt-out. If someone wants specific information on a specific person, they should not be able to simply punch up a website, type in that name, and immediately be presented with that information. Limiting the means of accessing public records should not have a significant effect on first amendment rights, and in the age of “doxing” other people, sometimes for no other purpose than malicious amusement, some amount of limitation on public records disclosure needs to be established to balance the privacy of one’s personal information. The simple fact that knowing someone’s full name and city of residence is enough to run to LexisNexis and get plenty of information to effectively steal their identity is unconscionable.


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