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  1. You are a life-saver. My computer’s RAID 0 array failed a little over a week ago. I made a disk image, had the HDs replaced with just one, restored the image, and the search service and Windows Update were gone. I downloaded the latest Intel driver, and there was a scary moment when I tried to search for a file after reboot and the computer locked up. Turns out I just jumped the gun before Add New Hardware was finished doing its thing, and after the second reboot, I can search for my files again and Windows Update is back. Thank you so much.

  2. This fix worked for me too. I had a Dell Opti 960 with RAID 1 array. 1 drive failed, after replacing it Search/Indexing stopped working. After a frustrating day, I upgraded from IMSM 8.9 to Intel RST and Search/Indexing started working again. Thanks.

  3. This is unbelievable! It really worked! I moved a Windows 7 installation from an old 1 TB drive to a new drive of the same size and Windows Update refused to work. I also had old IMSM 8.9 installed, and after installing newer IRST drivers everything worked again. Awesome! Thanks alot!

  4. valid!!! you solved my issue….
    and saved my ass!!!!

    many thanks again

  5. I restored a Windows 7 Image that originally was on a 1.5 TB drive to a 2TB drive and have this exact issue. I am unsure what I should be downloading however, since all the drivers in the link above refer to RAID and I do not have a RAID. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Wow. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This was incredibly helpful.

  7. Fantastic advice thank you. I was going mad on this as the cause is not really connected to the effect – very hard to figure out!

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