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  1. This is a few years old now but I’ll leave a comment never the less.

    I have the exact same netbook but by different company.
    Mine is an Elonex CEWS7-1.

    This is happening to me at the moment.
    It originally had XP on it but I have update to windows 7.
    The system wont boot from the HDD.
    I am using a Linux live CD at the moment as its the only thing that will boot.
    I thought it was something to do with my bios.
    Unfortunately I changed a setting in my bios a while back and am unable to use my keyboard so cant access the bios anymore.
    I have tried an external keyboard also but still not working.
    Anyway I have been unable to verify my boot setup because I can get into my bios.

    I am fully confident that my issue is the same as yours.
    Tonight I will try your method above.
    But I am not exactly sure of the procedure.

    I will post an update.


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