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  1. Hi i have a 1997 honda prelude base model. I recently bought the car about 2 months ago it has 177000 miles with new timing belt. I just did the distributor oring, icm, coil, valve cover gasket, air intake, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. I paid like 2200 for the car and put all that shit in it. Recently it keeps stalling on me whenever i slow down or brake. It also stalls when idleing and my engine has a little bit of a stumble/misfire i noticed before it stalls. I went online and every site points to ignition switch…i need some dam help. Love this car but im getting really pissed! Help if u can….anyone! Oh yeah, no dummy lights either WTF!!

    • Try messing with the map sensor just clean it

  2. I had a similar problem. It was my rings, specifically the oil rings, were not working properly and I was losing compression and getting too much oil in the cylinder. Might not be your problem but something to check.

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