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  1. I own a IT Consulting business & have the same questions as you do. I am in the same boat with clients, for example just over a month ago I purchased 4 Samsung HE103SJ drives were $79.99 each through now they are restricted 1 per cust & $199. Samsungs factory is not in Thailand? I see it across the board with every retailer selling mechanical disk drives. SSD drives are remaining pretty steady though & I’m moving a lot of clients towards those for the performance benifits, etc.. I sure hope enough press gets wind of the hard drive price gouging & puts a stop to it.

  2. I have contacts in Western Digital and they assure me that there is no shortage of hard drives. They have increased prices in *anticipation* of shortages… not actual shortages. As I type this WD’s factories are running at 100%. The last bump in the road is the manufacturer of hard drive heads are not up and running yet. They are expected to be running next week.

    The bottom line is that WD has 6 months of product sitting in warehouses. All factories and supply chains will be back up and running by the end of the year. There will be no disruption of the supply chain, just a temporary decrease in their warehouse reserve.

    If you ask me, I say the price increase is just profit taking to cover the expense of the flood cleanup.

  3. PC and/or laptop companies purchase their hard drives in massive quantities and most likely purchased enough for several years, which means the flooding wouldn’t effect their products price since they already have it on hand.

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