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  1. Same as it ever was … moderation in all things. The problem is with rats and studies is that in many cases, the rats are over-stuffed with whatever food is allegedly verboten. Not too many people are going to eat hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for weeks!

    When my kids read material along the lines that blue cupcakes cause foot fungus, my progeny know that the FIRST thing they need to find out is what group is doing the study. In many cases, it would be a group similar in interests to my fictional CWHBC … Citizens Who Hate Blue Cupcakes, or even CWLPC … Citizens Who Love Pink Cupcakes. They know that if this study is cited as “clinically proven” anywhere in an ad or interview, the first question they need ask is “What clinic? Where? How large was the control group? Etc. Etc.

    I know a dear lady who is hopelessly addicted to a dozen or more health magazines and shows. She is terrified of food, If you combine squash and mashed potatoes on Wednesdays in her world, bad things will happen. She lives on vitamins.

    Not a great way to live, I believe. Your mileage may vary.

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