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I just took a look at Vision Computers’ new version of the Vision Atom 2306.  Other than a change from the Intel Atom 230 to the Intel Atom D410, what’s different?

Nothing, really…and the CPU change makes zero difference as well.

Granted, the Atom D410 is newer, and has a very slight speed increase over an Atom 230, but compared to the competitive systems I quoted out to prove to myself why a Vision Atom 2306 is an overpriced piece of junk, it’s kind of like arguing over whether your car has 100 horsepower or 102 horsepower–you’ll never really be able to tell the difference in any practical scenario, so it’s pointless.

In other words, Vision Computers has changed their offering…to the exact same thing with a slightly different mask on its face.  What a shame–when I noticed they had modified their “radio special” listing, I thought they found my previous article and fixed their offering to something that was actually valuable to their customers.  Apparently that’s not how things work at Vision Computers in Atlanta.

UPDATE (Aug 2013): A person who bought a couple of these things brought them into the shop…and they were toast. Motherboards died completely and had to be replaced. I put out the warning three years ago, and here we are, with Vision’s “legendary reliability.”


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