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I started “Random Musings from a Computer Business Owner” almost 10 years ago. Over time, I’ve posted less and less, and eventually I found that I wasn’t really posting at all. A major problem with this blog has always been that it was a part of rather than any of my own websites. In an effort to build my personal brand, I’ve migrated almost everything that was here to my personal site ( and I’ll occasionally make new posts there instead. You’ll see any new computer repair-related posts on the Tritech Computer Solutions blog, and I may migrate some of the old computer repair posts from to there in an effort to keep things more consistent

You can also follow some of my work on my YouTube channel.

If you’re still following me and want to keep up, subscribe to the links above and feel free to send me an email anytime if you get bored enough. This WordPress blog will be deleted in a few days. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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